2022 Car Classification

Roadrunner Region PCA’s event and new car classification rules are based on the 2021 Porsche Parade Competition Rules (PCR). The rules, guidelines and procedures are intended to promote safe and fair competition within the ideals of good sportsmanship.

For 2022, Roadrunner Region will be returning to a car-based classing system to improve fairness between competitors of differing skill levels competing in cars with vastly different performance potentials. The rules are based on the  national PCR recommendations for a “Small Sized” autocross, with further consolidation of classes to try to prevent classes consisting of only a handful of drivers based on our historically small number of competitors. 

Class Summary Descriptions

The PCR has four categories of classes for Porsche automobiles – Showroom Stock (S), Production (P), Improved (I) and Modified (M). Each category is then broken down into classes based on the specific automobile for Showroom Stock and Production classes, and based on number of cylinders and displacement for Improved and Modified classes.  Based on historical attendance numbers, a number of these classes are being combined for 2022 in the Roadrunner Region. 

Showroom Stock (S) – As the name implies, the Showroom Stock (S) category is for automobiles nearly identical to as they were available from the dealer. Very few changes are allowed and tires must have a tread wear rating of 180 or greater. RRRPCA is combining cars in Showroom Stock class with the Production class for 2022.

Production (P) – The Production (P) category is for automobiles that have limited performance modifications. Aftermarket seats, supplemental driver restraints, roll bars, and steering wheels are allowed, but the rest of the interior must remain intact. Use of a tire with a tread wear rating of less than 180 will bump the car into the Modified category.

If your car has had performance-affecting changes, a car may fall into one of the following categories. Drivers can look at the PCR autocross rules ( for category allowances to determine if your car falls into one of these. 

Improved (I) – The Improved (I) category is for automobiles with more substantial performance-affecting changes from standard (stock) specification. These modifications have defined limits, whether changed by the factory, dealer or owner. Cars in this class are combined with those in the Modified class for RRRPCA in 2022.

Modified (M) – The Modified (M) category contains automobiles that have performance-affecting modifications outside of the limits of the Improved category and for race automobiles (factory-built or otherwise).

In addition, two classes have been created for drivers of non-Porsche cars and for experienced drivers of Porsche or non-Porsche cars. The intent of these classes is to (1) provide a place for our non-Porsche competitors (since the PCR don’t include such cars) and (2) to prevent very experienced drivers from dominating the Porsche classes (thereby maintaining some of the advantages of previous years’ driver skill-based classing). 

Non-Porsche cars and Expert Drivers in lower-classed Porsche cars (X01) – This class is intended for drivers of non-Porsche cars of all skill levels, and for very experienced (“Expert”) drivers of Porsches that would otherwise be classed in P01-P04 or slower M01 cars. For experienced Porsche drivers, this class is elective. Porsche drivers who consistently win season championships in their PCR class will be encouraged to step up to one of the expert classes to promote competition in the standard PCR classes. 

Expert GT Class (X02) – This class is intended for very experienced (“Expert”) drivers of Porsche cars that would otherwise be classed in P05 or the fastest M01 cars. In addition, this class is appropriate for very experienced drivers in the fastest non-Porsche cars.This class is elective and drivers may choose to run in this category or compete in one of the standard categories (P05 or M01 or X01).

More details are available on the club website under Autocross or when you register for events on

Additional Driver Designations:

Novice – Novices will not run in a separate Novice class for 2022. Novices will run in the class in which their cars are classed.  However, a Novice designation (“N”) will be denoted in results for drivers that have never autocrossed or do not compete on a regular basis. 

Masters – Competitors aged 62 years or older may self-designate themselves as “Masters” and will be denoted in event results by a Masters (“M”) designation. These drivers will still run in the class in which their car is placed, but will vie in competition for the highest placed Master in the overall results.