The Roadrunner Region of the Porsche Club of America
comprises most of New Mexico.

We belong to Zone 9 of PCA, which also includes the Alpine Mountain, Carrera, Intermountain, Llano Estacado, Rocky Mountain, and West Texas Regions. Currently the Roadrunner Region has over 500 active members and 239 affiliate members. We have members of all ages and backgrounds, with varied interests such as social events, drive-outs, concours, autocross, driver’s education, and rally. The common themes are that we love our Porsches and strive to help one another when needed. That is, after all, how PCA started back in 1955 – there wasn’t much help or technical knowledge from the factory, so Porsche owners had to get together and help each other.

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The Roadrunner Region publishes a monthly newsletter called The Ramblings. Like this website, the Ramblings provides information on upcoming events, photos and stories of recent events, as well as general information about the region and zone. Currently the Ramblings is published online through this web site every month. Any member can submit articles or photos to the Ramblings Editor.

The Roadrunner Region is a very busy club, as our calendar suggests. We get new members every month, and we have members that have been with the club for over forty years. There are good reasons for that. Camaraderie, education, friendly competition, spending time with good people, wonderful travel opportunities, making friends all over the country – these are just some of the benefits our members accrue during their time in the club. And you can too. . .

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