Event Descriptions

Roadrunner Region Events

Whether your tastes are social, technical, or competitive, Roadrunner Region has something for you! You can have fun in your Porsche and join other members by participating in autocross, rallies, tours, tech sessions, car shows and more.

Driving Events


A tour is a non-competitive driving event in which participants follow a given route behind a lead car to a destination A tour, or drive out is hosted by an event coordinator. Other member volunteers take on specific tasks associated with a tour. A tour may vary in length from a day trip to a long weekend with an overnight stay or two. Tours usually follow scenic routes, and tend to utilize state highways and back roads, rather than interstate highways. Tours usually take in scenic byways and visit interesting or obscure destinations. Roadrunner Region hosts several tours each year. In past years the tours have been out and back in one day.


A rally is a competitive event in which contestants attempt to follow a course specified by a set of instructions. Rallies are typically run on public, paved roads, and speed limits are always observed. The two major types of rallies are the Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally and the Gimmick rally. In a TSD rally, participants attempt to follow the instructions precisely, maintaining the correct speed, as points are deducted for arriving at checkpoints (the locations of which are not known in advance) early or late. A Gimmick rally is typically a bit less rigid and usually involves solving puzzles of some type. If you are interested in developing and hosting a rally let club officers know.


The Roadrunner Region has had a very active autocross schedule every year. Our autocross (AX) events are generally held at the Sandia Speedway, just west of Albuquerque. Autocross is a timed event in which drivers navigate their cars through a course defined by orange cones. Top speeds are generally moderate, topping out around 40-65 MPH. Competing cars are spaced at long intervals, usually only two cars on the course at any one time. The competition is two fold, improving your personal best time, and posting course times better than others in your class. Autocross is a safe way to experience high-performance driving while learning to drive your car at its limit. Novice drivers are paired with experienced certified instructors in order to become acquainted with the driving strategy and skill set involved. Every Porsche is built to be “raced” and AX is a great way to experience Porsche track performance.

Non Driving Events

Concours d’ Elegance

A fancy term for a car show. The Roadrunner Region participates in car shows for charity organizations and club events. Most car shows are what is referred to as “show and shine”. That is looking good but not judged. The largest car show is one held as part of the New Mexico Fiesta, a regional event hosted by our region in Santa Fe. Another popular show and shine is the Corrales Roundup. Generally held Labor day weekend, the event has been going on for 50 years.

Tech Sessions

Tech sessions for the region are open to all region members, as are all the events described here. A tech session is generally held at a commercial business dealing with cars including Porsches. It could be the local dealer or an independent garage. A session could encompass do it yourself projects for your car, or a service the business specialized in. The region hosts a couple tech sessions every year.

Social Events

There is a saying in the Porsche world that goes “The Porsche Club is not about the cars, it’s about the people”. The Roadrunner region has been a very social club throughout the years. In non pandemic times the region held a dinner social event at a local restaurant every month. We hope to get back to that soon. In addition to the monthly events, there are special events like new member luncheon, balloon fiesta breakfast, and Chili Cook off. These events could be held at a local restaurant, the dealership or a members home. These events are always well publicized and because of the growing size of our club can limit attendance.