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Tuesday Jan. 2, 9,16, 23          Santa Fe car lunch                Dr. Fieldgoods

Wednesday Jan 3, 17, 31        RRR Wednesday lunch         Owl Cafe / Albq

Tuesday Jan. 9                         RRR Board meeting              ZOOM

Saturday Jan. 20                      RRR Brunch social                Range / Bernalillo
 Register NOW!                          Requires MSR registration. (60 persons allowed)

Please remember to send us your photos of any events you attend.
We need 1-3MB sized photos.
Captions/ Stories always appreciated. 



The Autocross group is looking for a portable generator. If you have a gently used portable generator taking up space in the garage that you want to get rid of,
please contact us. We would prefer a donation to the Roadrunner Region
but we are willing to discuss purchase. 

Please contact me at: pastpresident@rrrpca.com

In order for all our members personal information not to be made public, PCA and the Roadrunner region do not publish members information.  If a member needs contact info for another member, please contact Roland Wiele, membership chair here.

PLEASE if you have  event photos or photos from drive outs or Autocross send them to ann@mulhernadvertising.com for inclusion in our communications materials. It is never to late. Be sure to include the event and the photographer name so the credit is correct.

If you see a Board member please thank them for the work they have done to make our club the best!