What Is Autocross?

Autocross is a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy some friendly competition with your fellow drivers. Usually set up in a parking lot or on a track but sometimes on road courses or airfields, autocross is a race “against the clock” in which you maneuver you car through a preset course marked with traffic cones.

Roadrunner Region holds autocrosses each month from February to November. Some are ‘fun runs’ for practice, but most are competitive events. Autocross is one of the best ways to improve your driving skills and learn about the performance of your car. And it’s a great way to meet people who enjoy testing their personal skills and the capabilities of their cars.

Autocross requires good driving technique and skill over all-out speed. It focuses on car control, good judgment, and a car that handles well. All RRRPCA autocrosses are open to all drivers and cars, not just Porsches.

In 2018, the Autocross Rules Committee instituted a new car class structure based on driver speed, skill, and experience rather than using the PCA Parade Competition Rules. Everyone who participates (whether as driver or volunteer) should take the time to become familiar with the current rules that describe the car classes, preparation and inspection, safety, awards, and other important information.

We plan to have a limited number of copies of the rules available at each Die Serie event, but it’s the competitor’s responsibility to read and understand the new rules and car classing structure. Please review the car preparation allowances carefully. We strongly recommend that EVERYONE who participates in our autocrosses download these Die Serie rules.

Registration opens online a month before each event. Entrants can save money by preregistering on